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by Chris Fox

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Recorded between 12/01/13 and 02/02/14 in Reno, NV by Chris Fox. All songs written and performed by Chris Fox.


released February 5, 2014

Christopher Alan Fox



all rights reserved


Chris Fox Reno, Nevada

Musician from Reno, NV.

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Track Name: music/work/drink/sleep/repeat
Lately I've had a lot to say
Transparency is a new thing for me
Sometimes I can not eat, so I drink

I've thought about making changes
Exercise, vitamins, eat better
But you have to want to eat at all

She has changed me before
So why not one last time?

I'll say most anything to most anyone
That's when I've learned the most

Surely I'll fall right back into myself
The same old routine as before
But this time with someone new

Who can change me once again
Who wants to be their own person?
Track Name: What They Really Think
If you ever really want to know
What your friends think of your girlfriend
Just fake break up with her for a week

Once the know they'll start to tell you about
How they thought she was ugly

And how she talked too much
And that you can do better
And they wonder how she convinced you to fall in love with her

And once you find out what they think
It'll probably bum you out
You'll write in a major key to keep the sadness away

You start to learn all about yourself
Find out what you really need

You learn that you don't need her
And that you can do better
And you wonder why you spent so much time with her anyway

And then you sit and think about who could be better
And you wonder what you could learn if you never even met her at all
Track Name: Capable Of Making It Better
Fuck you for being capable of making this decision
I can't stop feeling so fucked up from this
I must find a distraction this town is killing me
I need out but can't betray my obligations

That's how it was supposed to be
We were capable of making it better
But you gave up and got out
Fuck you for that

You are weak and I hope the worst for you
I can't wait 'til the next one betrays you
And you can feel this heartbreak I will find someone better
Who can trust me and appreciate my love

I smashed my love for you
When I smashed that giraffe
I do not love you anymore
Fuck you for that

Anxiety is killing me
(it's killing me, stop playing that song)
No more love songs
Track Name: Training Season
I yearn for that first sunny spring day
The one when you buy a case of cold beer
Call some friends drink with no shirt
In the front yard no concern to do your work

The ice starts to melt and the sun is out
The beers stay cold but the heat it feels so good
The winter is so long and all I want is out
The summer's coming back but it takes so damn long

It's cold but the first snow hasn't fallen
Things are bad but it's likely they'll get worse
The sun's out but the winter's blowing in
The drinks drown my feelings like rehearsed

The leaves changed and the fun has come and gone
It's hard to think of anything but this
It starts to sound like every other song
Winter depression's coming early for me this year

It's the first snowfall of the drinking season
Track Name: Drink About Someone
I want to write about something else

How about that time
When we drank until the sunrise
Got on our skateboards
And drank in the Atlantic sunrise

Leaving the water

We almost stepped on a stingray
And then you fell off your skateboard
You fucked your hand and elbow up
But the show that night was fine

I want to think about someone else

There was that time
When we drank in that abandoned graveyard
Then we bombed some hills
And lit that fire on the train tracks

We laughed as the train came

On that night I remembered
We would be friends for life
Though we drink until the sunrise
The show is always fine

I want to dream about something else
I want to drink about someone else
Track Name: Embrace Impermanence
My friends care if I die
And that's the best thing I could ask for
Among all the shitty people I've found a lot
Who I can trust to be there in the shittiest (fucked up) time of life

So it's to you that I drink to tonight
The ones who are there 'til we die
Now's the time to say it
Thanks and I'll love you 'til I die

When everything falls apart
Cliches all become true
But that's what they offer you until a friend speaks brilliance
And you start (you fucking will) to pull through

I'll pour this second one for you tonight
My friends who always speak the truth
And now's the time to say it
Thanks and I'll love you 'til I die

I'll drink this last round for you tonight
My friends who are there 'til we die
Now's the time to say it
Thanks I'll love you 'til I die
Track Name: Alone
Enough with the fuck yous for now
Aside from her I am a happy person
I share this shit because
My life is great your's could be too
A friend told me she was amazed
How I'm laid back and driven all at the same time
I guess it just comes naturally
I used to love to sleep
Now I'll stay up and drink and
Write dumb songs and be alone

It's good to be alone

So pick up a guitar and sing a song
Just play the one that means the most to you right now

Fuck everyone else just sing for you
And you may learn it's good to be alone
I'm starting to forget a life and learn
Something new forget the constant reminders
And learn someone new

So pick up a guitar and sing a song
Just play the one that means the most to you right now
Fuck everyone else