Unfinished Covers and Demos

by Chris Fox



Here's some demos of songs that exist. Lots of poor vocals! Could be updated with new tracks at any moment. WATCH OUT!


released October 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Chris Fox Reno, Nevada

Musician from Reno, NV.

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Track Name: What They Really Think
If you ever really want to know what your friends think of your girlfriend
Just fake break up with her for a week

Once they know they'll start to tell you about
How they thought she was ugly
And how she talked too much
And that you can do better
And they wonder how she convinced you to fall in love with her

And once you find out what they think
It'll probably bum you out
You write a song in a major key to keep the sadness away

You start to learn all about yourself
Find out what you really need
You learn that you don't need her
And that you can do better
And you wonder why you spent so much time with her anyway

And then you sit and think about who could be better
And you wonder what you could learn if you never even met her at all
Track Name: Wolves In Wolves' Clothing - One Million Coasters - X-Mas Has Been Xed
"Wolves In Wolves' Clothing"

We are Rome, Aztec Mexico, Easter Island paradigm
We are followers of Jimmy Jones, cutting in the kool-aid line

We are Animal Farm Pigs, we are a Terry Gilliam film
We are fear Oligarchy, we are wolves in wolves' clothing,
We are this planet's kidney stones

In the process of getting passed, metamorphosis from first to last
A system breaking down beyond repairs
A product of three million millionaires, a hundred million easy marks

We are Marie Antoinette, we are Joseph McCarthy
We've finally become the divided states
A nation built on freedom, fear, and hate, the denotation of Irony

We all want a Hollywood end, but we're getting a foreign one
The script has already been penned, and titled, "the epitaph of a drowning nation"

"One Million Coasters"

Coasters and Frisbees
Fish lures for deep seas
Mobiles for infants
They make great Christmas tree ornaments

Bring the whole family,
parking is free
You're going to love
our selection
of 8-track tapes,
Blank floppy discs,
mobile car phones,
Atari 2600 consoles

Guard rail reflectors
Hold 'em hand protectors
Halloween handouts
We got a ten-thousand foot warehouse
Full of cassette tapes,
Persimmon woods,
Ink jet printers,
telephone booths,
Sony Walkman's,
Kodak 110's,
Analog TV's,

And 10 million CD's

"Xmas Has Been X'ed"

It's funny how some fables became historic
When the authors clearly wrote them to be metaphoric
But people will believe anything if it's written
Especially in stone or ancient scroll
December 25th has been blacklisted
Since Dawkins found the proof Jesus never existed
It was the last thing anyone ever expected
Xmas has been X'd

No colored lights, no shopping sprees
No more presents under dead trees
St. Nick is dead but we don't grieve
We celebrate the last Christmas Eve

Jesuits are slowly turning Dianetic
Protestants increasingly become agnostic
Pentecostal churches are hanging pentagrams
Priests and Nuns are molesting each other
Methodists and Baptists are claiming Buddhist
Evangelicals surprisingly are Nudist
But mostly everyone is trying to become Jew
Cuz Easter's canceled too

No more egg hunts, no Sunday mass
Fridays are fair, Wednesdays don't ash
They canceled lent and slowed down fast
Enjoy Christmas cuz it's your last
No shopping sprees (don't worry son)
No more presents (we don't need Christ) under dead trees (we got eight nights)
St. Nick is dead (we got mitzvah) but we don't grieve (they won't cancel)
We celebrate (our hanukah) the last Christmas eve